Dani Malik
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I am extremely motivated, infinitely curious, and passionate about design.

For over a decade my work has embraced new technologies, pushed conventions and courted the masses with engaging, delightful experiences. I have strong instincts in both the long view of design, helping define problems through deep understanding, and the microscopic view of the details that make or break an experience. And increasingly, I'm stirring data into my practice, using metrics to tell a story of the customer experience and drive informed decision making.

I am a leader, collaborator and facilitator, interested as much in the dynamics of teams and clients as the outcomes we evoke. I love to evolve tools and processes, to find new ways of thinking about old problems, and to boil down complex concepts and interactions into one drop of soul.

My prior professional lives include roles as an industrial designer and a sign language interpreter, both of which add unique influences on my UX practice today. I also raise children and chickens, with varying degrees of success.

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